Indian Rasoi, Cirencester
14 Dollar Street, Cirencester, Glos GL7 2AJ
Tel: 01285 644822

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Tandoori Mix - £4.95
(Chicken tikka, lamb tikka & sheek kebab)

Sheek Kebab - £4.50

Chicken Chat - £3.95

Prawn Puree - £4.95

Onion Bhajee - £3.95

Samosa - £3.95
(Vegetable or Meat)

Garlic & Cheese Mushroom - £4.50
(Dry spiced mushroom with fresh garlic and cheese)

Butter Cheese Tikka - £4.95
(Marinated chicken tikka with cheese)

Sea Bass - £6.95
(Marinated with herbs and shallow fried served with salad)

Tikka Salmon - £6.95
(Marinated and barbecued in Tandoor oven)

King Prawn Kebab - £6.95
(Marinated with spices and barbecued in Tandoor oven)

Fish Biran - £5.95
(Fried Bengali fish served with special sauce)

Mixed Platter for 2 - £8.95
(Onion bhaji, chicken tikka, lamb tikka and sheek kebab)

Mixed Platter for 4 - £16.95
(Onion bhaji, samosa, Sheek kebab, chicken tikka and lamb tikka)

Mangalorean Chicken - £9.50
(Chicken marinated with South Indian spices and cooked in a desiccated coconut, green herbs and a creamy sauce. – Mild)

Bahari Chicken - £9.50
(Strips of chicken breast cooked with onion, garlic and lemon zest in a medium spicy thick sauce. – Medium)

Green Coriander Chicken - £9.50
(Marinated chicken cooked with garlic, ginger and coriander seeds in a thick sauce with coriander stalks. – Medium)

Classic Northern Chicken Curry - £9.50
(Chicken cooked with north Indian spices, herbs, tomatoes, onion and green peppers in a thick sauce. - £Medium)

Creamy Chicken and Spinach - £9.50
(Chicken and spinach cooked with coconut milk and south Indian spice in a creamy sauce. – Mild)

North Indian Lamb Curry - £9.50
(Lamb cooked with green chillies, bay leaves, tamarind and black pepper in hot spicy sauce. – Hot)

Herby Lamb - £9.50
(Lamb cooked with fresh garlic, ginger, onion, green pepper, green chillies and mint with lemon juice. – Fairly Hot)

Honey Roasted Spicy Lamb - £9.95
(Marinated lamb cooked with garlic, ginger, desiccated coconut and Indian spices in coconut milk. – Medium)

Classic Southern Indian Lamb Curry - £9.50
(Lamb cooked with fresh ginger, mustard seeds and coconut milk. – Medium)

Bombay Flame Chicken or Lamb - £9.50
(Chicken or lamb slices prepared with a special selection of herbs and spices including coriander, fresh mint, garlic, yoghurt and butter in a rich and tangy sauce. – Medium )

Banglar Naga Chilli Chicken or Lamb - £9.50
(Cooked with hot Naga chilli sauce with onion, fresh garlic and green coriander. – Hot)

Kasturi Chicken or Lamb - £9.50
(A delicious dish cooked in a sweet and tangy tamarind sauce with garlic, onion, red and green peppers, almond and olive oil. – Medium (Contain Nuts))

Jolpai Chicken or Lamb - £9.50
(Chicken or Lamb cooked with Chef’s special sauce made with Bangladeshi olive and spices. – Medium)

Goan Coconut Chicken or Lamb - £9.50
(Chicken or Lamb cooked with fresh ginger, garlic, red chillies and creamed coconut in coconut milk sauce. - £Hot)

Kadai Lamb - £9.50
(Lamb cooked with green pepper, onion, fresh garlic and Chef’s special spices. - £Hot)

Poulmi Chicken or Lamb - £9.50
(Chciken Tikka or Lamb cooked with mint, garlic, yoghurt, green pepper and coconut milk in a delicious sauce. – Fairly Hot)

Sagoti Chicken Tikka - £9.50
(Spiced chicken tikka cooked with ginger, mustard and spinach in a thick sauce. – Medium)

Pan Fried Garlic Chicken or Lamb - £13.95
(Marinated chicken or lamb skewered with onion and capsicum then pan fried in a spicy garlic sauce and served with egg fried rice. – Medium & dry)

Green Fish Curry - £10.95
(Salmon cooked with fresh ginger, garlic, onion, green pepper and lemon with green herbs. – Medium)

Goan Prawn - £13.95
(King Prawn delicately spiced and cooked in tamarind, chilli and coconut sauce with onion and garlic. – Fairly Hot)

Coconut & Chilli Fried King Prawn - £13.95
(Fried king prawn in a fresh sauce made with fresh garlic, green chillies, green pepper, red pepper, coconut and lemon juice. – Hot & Tangy)

Tandoori Prawn Flavoured with Mustard - £13.95
(Marinated king prawn barbecued on skewers over charcoal and served with mustard sauce and green herbs. – Medium)

Bengal Fish Curry - £10.95
(A delicious Bangladeshi de-boned fish prepared with a sauce made from garlic, chilli, tomatoes and coriander. – Hot & Spicy)

Fish Malabar - £10.95
(De-boned Bangladeshi fish cooked with sweet and sour sauce made from coconut milk and lemon juice. – Medium)

Basa Prawns - £13.95
(King Prawns marinated in a delicious mixture of spices, cooked with sliced green peppers, onions and green chillies. – Hot and Spicy)

Southern Sea Bass - £11.95
(Sea Bass cooked with fresh ginger, mustard seeds, curry leaves and coconut milk in a rich sauce. – Fairly Hot)

Bengali Style Aubergine - £8.95
(Spiced aubergine cooked with fresh garlic in a yoghurt sauce and fresh coriander. – Medium)

Flavoured Spinach and Lentils Curry - £8.50
(Spiced spinach and lentils cooked with fresh garlic and ginger in a mild butter. – Mild)

Avial - £8.95
(Fresh mixed vegetable cooked with coconut, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, curry leaves and green chilli sauce. – Hot)

Vegetable Molee - £8.95
(Fresh mixed vegetable cooked with yoghurt, coconut and green Herbs in a creamy sauce. - £Mild)

Vegetable Piaz Mirchi - £8.50
(Fresh mixed vegetable cooked with onion, green chillies and fresh coriander in a thick sauce. – Fairly Hot)

Chana Palak Panir - £8.95
(Chickpeas cooked with spinach and Indian Cheese in a thick sauce. – Mild)

Sabji Sambar - £8.95
(Mixed vegetable cooked with aromatic spices temper with lentil and coconut sauce. – Medium)

Kumbi Da Sag - £8.50
(Spinach and mushroom cooked with garlic, ginger and coriander in a medium sauce. – Medium)

Garam Vegetable - £8.50
(Mixed fresh vegetable cooked with garam masala in a Sweet and sour sauce. – Medium)

Chicken Tikka Mossala - £8.95

Tandoori Mixed Mossala - £9.95
(Chicken tikka, lamb tikka and prawns. - £Mild)

Tandoori King Prawn Mossala - £13.95

Chicken Korma - £8.95

Chicken or lamb Passanda - £7.95

Tandoori Garlic Chilli Chicken - £8.95
(Tandoori chicken pieces cooked with fresh garlic and green chilli with yoghurt sauce. – Fairly Hot)

Rezela Chicken or Lamb Tikka - £8.95
(Chicken or Lamb tikka in a sauce made with fresh green chillies, coconut and fresh garlic. – Hot and Tangy)

Jalfrizi Chicken or Lamb - £7.95
(Chicken or Lamb pieces cooked with green pepper, fresh green chillies and onion in a thick & tasty sauce. Fairly Hot)

Jalfrizi King Prawn - £12.95
(Fairly Hot)

Chicken or Lamb Dansak - £7.95
(Fairly Hot)

Hydrabadi Biriani - £9.95
(Chicken or Lamb gently fried with pilau rice in ghee, served with special sauce and salad.)

Bengal River Jinga Biriani - £13.95
(King prawn and pilau rice gently fried in ghee, served with special sauce and salad.)

Navratan Sabji Birianie - £8.95
(Vegetable and pilau rice gently fried in ghee, served with special sauce and salad.)

Chicken or Lamb Shaslik - £9.95
(Diced chicken or lamb marinated and barbecued over charcoal with onion, tomato and mushroom. - Dry and medium.)

Chicken or Lamb Tikka - £8.95
(Diced chicken or lamb marinated and barbecued over Charcoal. Served with salad. – Dry and medium.)

Tandoori Mixed Thala - £10.95
(Tandoori Chicken, lamb tikka, chicken tikka and sheek kebab. Served with salad. – Dry and medium.)

Tandoori Murgi - £8.95
(Chicken (on the bone) marinated in yoghurt with delicate herbs and spices then barbecued over charcoal. – Dry and medium.)

King Prawn Shahlik - £13.95
(Marinated king prawn barbecued over charcoal with onion, tomato and mushroom. - Dry and medium)

Sag Bhajee - £3.95
(Dry spiced spinach.)

Bombay Aloo - £3.95
(Spiced potato.)

Kobi Bhajee - £3.95
(Dry gently spiced cauliflower.)

Mushroom Bhajee - £3.95
(Dry spiced mushroom.)

Dalroshun - £3.95
(Lentils spiced with garlic.)

Sag Aloo - £3.95
(Spinach and potato.)

Begun Bhajee - £4.50
(Dry gently spiced aubergine.)

Sabji Bhajee - £3.95
(Dry siced mixed vegetable.)

Bindhi Bhajee - £3.95
(Dry gently spiced okra.)

Aloo Khobi Bhajee - £3.95
(Dry gently spiced potato with cauliflower.)

Sag Panir - £4.95
(Spinach with Indian cottage cheese and herbs.)

Matir Panir - £4.95
(Peas with Indian cottage cheese.)

Chana Chotpoti - £4.50
(Dry spiced chickpeas.)

Steamed Rice - £2.75

Basmati Rice - £2.95

Special Rice - £3.95

Keema Rice - £3.95

Spinach Rice - £3.95

Creamy Rice and Lentils - £3.95

Vegetable Rice - £3.95

Egg Fried Rice - £3.95

Mushroom Rice - £3.95

Plain Nan - £2.75

Pershwari Nan - £2.95

Keema Nan - £2.95

Garlic Nan - £2.95

Cheese Nan - £2.95

Cheese and Onion Nan - £2.95

Mixed Nan - £3.25
(Green chillies, minced lamb and cheese.)

Popadum with chutney - £1.20